Our NEWS in brief... 

Dec 2019 - last month

Feb 2020 - next month

Finalising our pilot project with Glasgow Life for Glasgow Libraries.

Jan 2020 - this month

Our MISSION is to promote positive change. We currently do three main things:

We publish BOOKS whether focusing on food, or positive fiction, all of our books focus on themes to #buildaculture and #writethelight

We operate a COOKSCHOOL where our cookbook writers follow through by showing people how it's done. #VEATS

We support SHORT STORY writers giving voice to change in our annual anthology Vegan Tales. #writingmatters

Now we have added a fourth thing, reducing waste and supporting book sales by dealing directly with bookshops by

  • operating without Amazon,
  • reducing transport for stock by by-passing distribution centres,
  • putting more money in the tills of independent booksellers through better margins,

  • playing some small part in developing awareness of combating our climate crisis,

  • shining a light on the Vegan Tales series and

  • reaching new writers. 

If you are an independent bookshop in the UK and would like to be included please contact us.

Squaw Pies Ltd, is a member of Publishing Scotland. Our Company Registration No. is 11300067

Our registered office is still in England, but our communications address is Unit 394, 111 West George St, GLASGOW, G2 1QX

VAT NUMBER: GB 298 4420 67

SQUAW to honour the indigenous blood of our First Nations grandmothers and granddaughters: Cheyenne, Cherokee & Quechua. 

PIES , on the one hand, to grandly propose the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual nature of humankind, and PIES, on the other hand, to simply celebrate the bare pleasures of cooking, perhaps the last great oral tradition of the West!

© 2018 Squaw Pies Ltd

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