HAND over FIST is an example of work we did with the Aagrah chain Asian restaurants in Yorkshire.


Aagrah had a proven product and a loyal following. We worked with them to create a cookbook for their community of diners.


At the same time we spent hours with the family to trace their journey from Pakistan to the buses of Bradford to the much loved family owned restaurants that many enjoy today. Along the way they identified the ten qualities they believed fundamental to their success. Among them Faith, Strength, Humour, Hope. These qualities form a central pillar of the book along with the many photographs and delicious recipes.

HAND over FIST is now in its second edition. It is available directly from Aagrah here

HAND over FIRST by Mohammed Aslam, foreword by Brain J Turner CBE, 96 page full colour paperback, 210mm x 210 mm isbn 978-0-9549363-0-3


HANDING it ON is a full colour, 96 page paperback, 210mm x 210 mm, simple vegan savoury recipes, in English and Spanish. isbn 978-0-9563980-0-0


THE FINAL TOUCH is a full colour, 96 page paperback, 210mm x 210 mm plant-baes and gluten-free sweet, sauce, soup and baked recipes, in English and Spanish. isbn 978-0-9563980-8-6

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