Some of the writers of VEGAN TALES ,Vol.1  "speak":

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Esmé Bonnett - England

“I wrote Lucy’s Revelation for Vegan Tales because I believe that every life is precious and so is our planet. The story is partly personal experience and partly appeared in my consciousness on awaking one morning. Life is a journey with unforeseen adventures and we can learn a lot from them..."

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Mark Towse - Australia

“Veganism was just the beginning of major steps towards freedom because it opened my eyes and led me to step away from standard social conditioning. Since then I consider that I have become a free thinker once again and rediscovered my creative desire. There has been no stopping me!" 

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Alan Diment - England

“The idea behind it was to look at how illogical, cruel and immoral human behaviour towards animals might seem to another race of beings. Giving those beings a familiar appearance hopefully adds an extra element to the tale.


I was also interested in how stubborn humans can be when faced with change, how they tend to prefer the familiar and distrust the new, even when the familiar might be their undoing.”

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Michelle Scorziello - England

“I was inspired to write the story, Shoulder of Lamb, when one day I was outside with some pupils who were enjoying an unexpected visit from a Labrador puppy. Not far from where they played with the dog a pig was being roasted on a spit for the school lunch. I was struck by the duality of the situation: affection for one animal and indifference to the fate of another.”

Harry Rhodes - England

"Veganism has been a part of my life since I was fifteen, and was living on a Welsh dairy farm. However, it was a hiking trip in Scotland in the summer of 2018 that caused me to reflect more on the plight of dairy cows and to draw parallels between the two respective struggles."

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  • Frances Bell

  • Esme Bonnett

  • Hannah Cattanach

  • Magdalena Chávez

  • Alan Diment

  • Sara Hodgkinson

  • Grace Howarth

  • Rissa Miller

  • Christian Perry

  • Dalla Perry

  • Harry Rhodes

  • Pablo Rumoroso Solana

  • Michelle Scorziello

  • Anwar Shah

  • Anne Sikking

  • Mark Towse

  • Katy Watson

Rissa Miller_edited.jpg

Rissa Miller - USA

"In writing Family Dinner I attempted to capture the moment when an omnivore begins to understand her vegan sister.


In family situations, emotional attachment to food can overtake the actual celebration, creating stress between people who otherwise love each other.


Being compassionate means extending understanding to pre-vegan friends and family.”

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Christian Perry - England

“I’m immensely proud and humbled to have published in Vegan Tales, A Twisted Tail. A story stemming from the equitable roots of a civilised notion that every being of sentience possesses the ability to feel emotions, just as we do; fear, pain, grief, sadness, happiness, love. Our equal differences should not divide us but rather unite us.”

Pablo J Rumoroso - Spain

“I write children’s stories because I enjoy exercising my imagination...


I want to share my stories as widely as possible. Part of my motivation is to encourage young people to read and write.”

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Dalla Perry - England

"I wrote my story to draw attention to the plight of animals...the suffering they endure, due to the greed and indifference of the world in general. My story also offers the hope that anyone can choose to embrace veganism, if presented with the harsh realities of factory farming, and so help stop the suffering and slaughter."

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Sara Hodgkinson.jpg

Sara Hodgkinson - England

"My inspiration for this story came from my own experiences of working as a waitress and of serving people who hadn’t had much exposure to vegan food.

I hope this lighthearted piece demonstrates how vegan dishes can be incorporated into any diet with minimal fuss and enjoyed by anyone of any age or background."

Grace Howarth - England

"As a lifelong vegan, I aim to explore in my writing how to inspire others to take up the plant-based lifestyle.


I wrote this short story to highlight the cognitive dissonance prevalent in society."

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Katy Watson_edited.jpg

Katy Watson - England

"As we become more aware of what we’re eating and its impact on our planet, our literature will indubitably change... It is exciting to be in a position to write a short story about how veganism and its core values are permeating the minds of...people.” 

Anne Sikking_edited.jpg

Anne Sikking - Scotland/First Nations

“Just as human beings evolve physically so moral understanding also mutates over time. Many things, once acceptable, no longer are. Evidence suggests that in time people will understand their relationship with other animals differently. I hope the story Substitute promotes that idea.”

Hannah Cattanach - Scotland

Having only ever written for pleasure, the story of Chicken came about during a lunchtime stroll when she got to wondering about the inner-life of pigeons and what they think about as they strut around impressing each other. 

Hannah Cattanach_edited.jpg

This is the first edition of VEGAN TALES. It builds on the Tales Series, short story anthologies celebrating York Tyneside, Glasgow and Bristol, which we acquired in 2009, following the collapse of BORDERS BOOKS in the UK. Information about the competition can be found here.​  Here are the general GUIDELINES for the type of work we favour.