Vegan Tales, Vol 2 - publication November 2019

As the vegan life is adopted by more and more people, it is becoming a culture. A culture needs its literature.


In 2018, Vegan Tales, Vol.1 included 17 writers. They came from Australia, England, Ireland, Pakistan, Scotland, Spain and the USA, You can read about them here.  The book had reviews by Anna Wallace at the BBC, a foreword from Pam Warhurst CBE, and coverage in local and national press in Australia, the UK and the USA. 

In 2019 Vegan Tales, Vol.2 includes 14 writers. They are from Australia, England, India, Germany,  Scotland, Spain and the USA, Among the reviewers for are book are Eric C Lindstrom aka The Skeptical Vegan as well as the well-read and much followed Vegan Olive.  

For 2020 Vegan Tales, Vol 3 submissions are open. The entry fee is £10 and the annual closing date in ANY year is July 15. £500 is shared among all the contributors.

For writers wishing to contribute, you may maximise your success if you take time to read previous volumes. You can look at Vegan Tales in your local library, by ordering it from us here, or by ordering it from your local bookstore. 


Do read the terms and conditions carefully and have a look at our guidelines to have an idea of the tone and style of work we are looking for.

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Watch US vlogger Eric C Lindstrom, The Skeptical Vegan, review Vol.1, trying to prove, once & for all, that vegans have tails!

Be sure to check out his other fun & informative posts.

VEGAN TALES, Vol. 1 is available from us, from all good bookshops, and in digital format on Kindle

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