If you are not a bookshop, this page is not for you. Our wholesale terms are fairly straight forward:
  • we offer a 50% discount instead of the standard 40%.
  • further to our commitment to independent publishers we do not supply books to Amazon.
  • all our sales are firm sales (not consignment basis).
  • we don't work through wholesalers but accept orders directly, or through Nielsen. Years of shipping our books south, only to have them re-shipped north, always struck us as wasteful of people's time, shipping costs, fuel and, ultimately, meant more expensive books. Now there is more awareness of waste, of the environmental impact of actions and an increasing desire to mitigate climate change. Internet payments make transactions swift and easy.  So we have taken the risky decision to offer a bigger discount to shops in order to encourage them to order from us directly.
  • wholesale terms apply to copies of any title.
  • shipping outside of the UK is free. Some charges may apply to Highlands and Islands. 
  • all books come with a bookmark.
  • 21 Years Free... retails at £19.95 - price to you therefore is £9.97 per copy 
  • Vegan Tales: Vol.1, retails at £6.95 - price to you therefore is £3.47 per copy 
  • Song of Granada and Spanish language edition Canción de Granada retail at £6.99 - price to you therefore is £3.49
  • For non-cookbooks we do offer mixed cases. Please email us if you prefer a mixed case.
We are really happy to support cookbook sales with a demo and chat subject to our availability. Our support is free provided 15 copies of the cookbook are ordered. For shops in Scotland, only an order of 10 copies is required. 

We have organised events in bookshops, schools and health venues for years. We need no power or plumbing, although access to water on site to fill our containers is a bonus! We require only a table. We carry £5M public liability insurance and the demo team bring all of their own cooking equipment, ingredients and fire fighting equipment(!!!) A full risk assessment is agreed and provided in advance. 
Please email us if you would like to discuss.

The current registered office of Squaw Pies is in England, awaiting registration in Scotland in 2020.

Our email is squaw.pies@gmail.com and our postal communications address is

Unit 394, 111 West George St, GLASGOW, G2 1QX

Company Registration No.11300067 – VAT NUMBER: GB 298 4420 67

SQUAW to honour the indigenous blood of our First Nations grandmothers and granddaughters: Cheyenne, Cherokee & Quechua. 

PIES , on the one hand, to grandly propose the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual nature of humankind, and PIES, on the other hand, to simply celebrate the bare pleasures of cooking, perhaps the last great oral tradition of the West!

© 2020 Squaw Pies Ltd

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