Some of the writers of VEGAN TALES, Vol. 2 "speak":

B B Lewis - Jackdaw the Visitor

“I believe most of us have the sense of being connected to other living beings. I do not like the sentiment that non-vegan people 'do not care' about animals. I think most people do care, but have obstacles blocking them. In this way I do not consider a vegan essentially different from a non-vegan, but someone for whom these obstacles are removed. Many vegans need not look back very far to a point when their compassion was blocked. Veganism for me is merely a process of alignment with one's own innate compassion.”

Alan Diment - The Liberty Belle Incident

“I thought it about time that we had a vegan hero to combat the dark forces of carnivorism. She lives in a society where veganism and respect for animals has become the norm. But this is no Utopia. The selfish side of human nature remains a threat which could stop progress in its tracks.”

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Jim Summers - A Friendly Ear

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For years, I’ve scribbled down ideas for... stories... My inspiration among others are Authors Ray Bradbury and Frank Block. Likes, Comics and custard. Dislikes, hate and xenophobia.

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Rissa Miller - Brothers

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Rarely found without hot green tea in her hands, Rissa was born in the USA and lives in Baltimore. Based on a real experience in 2019, the loss of Mister the goat was both healing and challenging. Rissa hopes sharing his story touches many others, and helps cement the idea that all creatures feel love and have family bonds.”

Ian Couper - Silver Lady of the Glen

The idea for The Silver Lady of the Glen came to me while walking in a particularly eerie and misty glen last year. 

Currently I am working on A Crushing of Thistles, an epic covering the disastrous Darien Scheme through the Union of Parliaments, Jacobite risings, the infamous Highland Clearances to the New World,

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Esmé Bonnett - The Missing Piece

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"This story was inspired by my partner who says there is a missing piece to what people are

shown or told about. Some eyes are closed to certain aspects of life as mine once were. They may be

happy as they are. Perhaps it's being easier to live a certain way, or just blissfully unaware."

Mark Towse - The Unthinkable

Mark Towse_edited.jpg

" This is a story that perhaps won't read as quite so black and white as some of the others in the collection. Any path taken in life will have its obstacles, and there will be moral choices to be made. As with most of my stories, I like to take readers on a ride, but in the end, I want to throw them from the carriage."

Pablo J Rumoroso Solana - Just Two Apples

This story invites its readers to recognise the importance of loving and respecting everyone and everything around them.


“The magic lies in the little things that make us all different, and I think that’s beautiful."

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Sara Hodgkinson - The Simple Things

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Born and bred in the green hills of Lancashire, Sara  is a freelance content writer and bonafide bookworm. When she’s not tramping through the countryside in muddy walking boots, Sara can be found spending time with her family, enjoying good food and wine, and curling up with her two eccentric cats. 

Dalla Bryce Perry - Vegan Spirit

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Her story attempts to encompass the worldwide exploitation of our fellow earthlings and the suffering they endure at the hands of humankind...the gradual destruction of their habitats and the possibility that one-fifth of all flora and fauna will become extinct within thirty years... She is hopeful that ... veganism will continue to spread...

Christian Perry - Mothers' Morning

Driven by his love of writing and empathy for others, Christian aims to guide people toward the part of themselves which understands the immorality of animal cruelty...that... we may be unaware of our contribution to the tragic suffering inflicted daily upon others. He believes we can all do better,

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Anne Sikking - the short story: Remembrance & the narrative poem: Battlecry

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A First Nations Scot, Anne lives in Glasgow. In Remembrance she combines the unlikely themes of a Remembrance Day parade with revolution in the Animal Kingdom, The Atholl HIghlanders and a new vegan order. Battlecry is a gritty reflection on human behaviour, its dangers and its capacity for love and transformation.


She says,

"We can do better, for animals, for the environment, but above all for ourselves. Everything we can do to improve the life of everything around us will only improve our own lives. It's astonishing that we even need it pointing out to us, never mind being persuaded of it."